Internship With ECHO

ECHO was established in 2000.Since its inception ECHO has provided a learning & Volunteer opportunities for local and international students and volunteers.

To apply for internship with ECHO send in your details  via email, along with the objectives  and activities to :

Selected interns with be intimidated via email and the selected Interns are required to bring a letter of permission from their respective colleges & Universities letter heads.

  • The Interns are expected to follow strictly  time schedules of ECHO from 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday (2nd Saturday holiday)   and time frame for completion as stipulated by ECHO
  • Interns/Volunteers are expected to respect the Mission, Vision, Values and goals of ECHO.
  • Take your commitment to heart and perform your tasks to the best of your ability.
  • Dress Modestly and Refrain from taking Photos or videos (Illegal as per JJ act) of any part of organizations or the inmates of ECHO.
  • If you have taken a responsibility, honor it or inform ECHO mentor in advance, in case if you are not able to accomplish it.
  • Be open to feedback from the Supervisor and incorporate the same. Certificate of the Acknowledgement will be given to the interns only after their assignment has been checked and approved by the supervisor.

Copyright/Ownership Concerns

  • Don’t engage in charity services in the name of ECHO. Do not collect or distribute clothes, stationery or other materials in the community and do not make any promises on behalf of ECHO.
  • Content produced by the volunteer including graphics materials, web page designs, narratives, research, compilations, instructional texts, photographs etc., become the property of ECHO upon submission. Volunteers will be duly acknowledged for their contributions
  • Use a Disclaimer: Unless your communication has been officially authorized by ECHO team member, make it clear that the views you are expressing are yours alone and not necessarily those of ECHO.                for Example:Disclaimer: “this is my personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect that of ECHO”